Subject Re: [firebird-support] How to get backup of single table
Author Stefan Heymann

> Thanks for your information. Now I want to backup a sinle table from
> the database.
> Is there any alternative in firebird.

I don't know of anything you can do with the tools *that come with
Firebird* (you have already been told what 3rd Party tools there are
out there). Other than dropping all the other tables before doing a
GBAK backup, which very probably is not what you wanted to hear ;-)

You could write your own single-backup backup tool using e.g. Delphi.
Just start a transaction, do a

SELECT * FROM thetable
ORDER BY thepk -- this is just cosmetics ;-)

and write out all columns and rows that you get back to an XML file
(or whatever format you prefer). Commit the transaction only when you
are finished so you get a consistent view.

Best Regards


Stefan Heymann