Subject Re: [firebird-support] Old... very old... Delphi and components problem!
Author Martijn Tonies
Hello Paul,

> For various reasons, my company uses Delphi 3 for some of
> its work. I would like to use FB embedded with this.
> I downloaded components from here
> because it's the only place that still has code
> that supports D3.
> The problem is that when I delete IB 6.0/FB 1.53 from the
> machine and delete gds32.dll from the system 32 directory,
> these components disappear off the palette because "the
> application has failed to start because gds32.dll was not
> found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem".
> Can't load package C:\Program Files\FIB\FreeIBComponents\
> FIBComponents.dpl. The specified module could not be
> found...".
> I have gone through the source and found this
> in line 23 of IBase.pas
> ---------------------------
> DSQL_drop = 2;
> IBASE_DLL = 'gds32.dll';
> -------------------------
> The only place where I can see that the string 'gds32.dll'
> occurs in the source for the components.
> What I want to know is how do I get the components to
> load without putting gds32.dll in the system directory.
> I want to be able to write a stand alone embedded app
> with no dependencies on the sytem32 directory.
> Do I have to develop with Firebird running and its
> gds32.dll in the system directory, and then place the
> gds32.dll in the exe directory when I want to run it
> standalone? I have changed the source in IBase.pas
> to 'fbembed.dll' and it works fine, just so long as
> this file is in the system32 directory.
> Any help, tips, info, URLs and/or suggestions apprectiated.

Keep it in system32, develop your app and deploy with your
.dll in the app folder, that should do the trick.

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