Subject Re: [firebird-support] Local Connection and Default Windows User
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello m. Th,

>> - If Admin can't connect either, the local protocol isn't
>> functioning.
>> - If he (and/or the Fb process owner) can connect, it must have
>> something to do with access rights (but access to what?)

> Read/write rights on database file.

No, that's not it. Only the server accesses the database file,
regardless of the connection protocol.

There are only two cases where the user needs filesystem-level rights
to the database:

- Firebird Classic server on Linux & friends
- Firebird Embedded server on Windows

Why? Because in those two cases, the server is embedded in a library
that's loaded into the user process space.

BTW, user Guido did have full access rights to the db file - but he
shouldn't need them.

Paul Vinkenoog