Subject Transfer time from DB to CRM to long
Author dirk_pv
Hello there,

I have a problem and I did not know where the problem come from.

I run VMware server on Kubuntu with W2k client. The system have 1GB
ram and share 512MB for the client. On the client run only a CRM with
Firebird 1.5. Since a few days I have a bigger problem. If I open the
CRM it need 15-20sec. to open complete. If I switch to an other Tab it
need the same time. After some switch Tab it works faster and faster.
Each Tab I have a transfer of data from the database. So that all data
in the memory and then it work faster?
It seams that other programs work normal. The only change I made was
to try to get the USB working with VMWare. For this I reinstall the
VMware tools. But the USB did not work.

Is there a way to figure out if is it a DB server problem? Is there a
tool available to look if the transfer time of the data is ok.
I try to figure out what can be happened?