Subject Double quotes in Firebird 2.0 (follow up)
Author Hubert Rétif

I am just beginning to work on Firebird 2.0 and have also just joined this
group. Thus I couldn't participate directly to the yesterday thread about

I am also new to FB 2.0 and FlameRobin as GUI. It seems that there, all
identifiers must have double quotes (I could not bring it to work without,
although the DB is dialect 3). I want to migrate from MySQL and test a lot
of queries (without double quotes). Is there a way (other GUIs or which is
the best way to do it?) to get rid of them? These double quotes need sounds
me a bit strange: all DBs that I have seen until now did not need this.

By the way, do you know about a migration Tool (data pump) which also
overtake keys and indices from MySQL?

Thanks and best regards,

Hubert Rétif