Subject Newbie with lots of questions
Author Anthonie
Being a newbie (have been using Paradox and BDE since Delphi 1) I
have a few questions that is bugging me tremendously. If my
questions seem stupid or silly I only ask those who respond to try
and understand my frustration (being a newbie regarding SQL as well).

I have downloaded FireBird 1.5.3 and installed it with the
superserver option. When trying to create a database I get a message
regarding the user not added and that I must contact the
Administrator. The command(s) used are

CREATE DATABASE "<drive>:\<database_name>.fdb";#
USER "sysdba" PASSWORD "masterkey";

Now, I have installed Interbase 6.5 and uninstalled this when I
installed FireBird. And as an added problem (using IBEasy) whenever
I try to execute IBEasy I am prompted with another error, gds32.dll
is missing.

My problem (question) is two-fold:

1. How do I add a user to FireBird to enable me to create a database?
2. Is Interbase a requirement for IBEasy?

And for interest sake (I haven't tried it since I am unable to
create a database to use with FireBird) does the components in
Delphi 7 cater for FireBird as they do for Interbase (referring to
the Interbase components that ship with Delphi) or must one create a
new set of components to use with FireBird?

Sorry, my last question. When using FireBird I am assuming that I do
not need to distribute the BDE files with an application? If an
application is distributed what must be distributed to give the end-
user access to FireBird, both on a server and a client machine?

Many thanks,