Subject Re: Urgent help needed: application locks with > 1 user
Author ione1608
--- In, "Adam" <s3057043@...> wrote:
> > I set the AUTOCOMMIT property of the transaction to TRUE and it
> > works. When the second user wants to open the same record the
> > user already opened, I give a message that the record is in use
> > disable the save-functionality. I administer who locks a record
in a
> > separate table. This solution works, but how do you pro's
> > this? A dirty solution???
> Absolutely a dirty solution. If it works with AutoCommit (which is
> an implicit commit then start transaction after each statement is
> then it has to be a transaction isolation issue.

Ooopsss, so this is a wrong choice.
What is the right setting for the isolation level? I tried RU (Read
uncommitted) and that seemed to work to.
I read the chapter in Helen's book about this, but couldn't figure
it out.

How do you guys manage this?

> Check your ODBC settings for the isolation level. I would also pay
> special attention to anything you do inside a trigger. For
example, if
> the same record in your second table that holds the lock
information is
> updated by multiple records, the deadlock may actually be on that
> record rather than the original.
> Adam