Subject Urgent help needed: application locks with > 1 user
Author ione1608
I have the following problem:

I made an application which uses a FireBird database. The database
(SuperServer 1.5) runs on a pc. I have two clients connecting to
this database. Both clients use the same database user (which I
setup in the ODBC Administrator).
I thougt I was finished developing and began testing the
application. What happens is this:
Client 1 opens a window on which data is shown. When I open the same
window on client 2 with another record, the window doesn't show the
data. It looks like it's waiting. Even when I close the window on
client 1, client 2 is still 'waiting'. Only when I quit the
application on client 1, client 2 suddenly shows the data.
I'm quite a newbie with FireBird. I tried searching for the reason,
but 'didn't find the solution or a post in which the same problem is
Is this what they call a deadlock?
The query I use is just a select (with noting about locks in it).

Is this problem known?

I hope somebody can help me out. The customer is expecting me to
install the application in two days on his site.....