Subject Hamachi - VPN Problem
Author andrew_s_vaz
Hi all,

Has anybody successfully implemented a Hamachi connection to a
firebird server with Hamachi?

Hamachi is very easy to use and I´m trying to make it work for a
client but it´s giving me a reasonable pain in the neck.

I have exchanged some emails with the support guys at Hamachi and it
seems that Firebird isn´t listening to the Hamachi network adapter
(they have made it work successfully with SQL Server Express).

I have been able to connect to the database service thru NetBios, but
the connection shows up as:


with IboConsole at the Test connection option and I couldn´t manage to
connect to the database file.

Using firebird 1.53 and 2 boxes with Xp Prof Sp2 connected by adsl.

Any ideas?