Subject Another silly precedence issue
Author Stephen Boyd
I find arithmetic operator precedence defined in various sets of
Interbase and Firebird documentation as follows:

Multiplaction - 1
Division - 2
Addition - 3
Subtraction - 4

This goes against standard algebraic rules where multiplication and
division have the same precedence (1) and are followed by addition and
subtraction which have the same precedence (2).

A quick test shows that Firebird actually follows the algebraic rules
and not the precedence given above.

select 4.0 / 8.0 * 2.0 from rdb$database yields 1.0, NOT 0.25 which
would be the result obtained by following the precedence given in the

I can only assume that this is just a silly documentation mistake that
has propogated forward from time immemorial. I am only concerned
about this because I am trying to create a short embedded SQL
programming guide and I want to get it right.