Subject Recurring inet server err message in firebird.log
Author max_nivek
Hi all --

My firebird.log file is being filled with the 'inet server err:
setting NODELAY socket option' message multiple times per second
during busy periods on my production server. It seems to me this is
not really an error message, rather a notification of a setting, I'm
guessing each time a connection is made.

Below is my etc/xinetd.d/firebird config file. Firebird is running
quite well, but of course my log file grows rather quickly, so I
just wanted to see if anyone had encountered something similar.
Thanks for your time.

service gds_db
socket_type = stream
wait = no
user = firebird
instances = UNLIMITED
# log_on_success += USERID
# log_on_failure += USERID
server = /opt/firebird/bin/fb_inet_server
disable = no