Subject something like delphi's 'isempty' ref/eDN6052838979
Author Dennis
Deal all.

I want to ask the base with a query and to return me if there is a least on
record with specific criteria.

Using select code_a from sales where partno='2323' the firebird computes all
the records where are going to be transferred to the client.

Is there any way to reduce this time, so the firebird will answer, yes there
is one record with these criteria.

Note: To make it clear, I am working with the ibx7 and I am talking with the
database relationally, so there is no case to transfer all the query's
results to client directly

Another similar approach:

For instance, I want to list all customers where they have movements: So the
query I developed is the follow:

select * from customers


(select count(*) from reg_header where customer_code='23232323') > 0

order by name

Here, function count lasts too much, can we have something faster? Like
delphi's 'not ismpty'?



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