Subject Embedded FB + IBX 5.03
Author Terry
I'm trying to deploy a C++ Builder 5 + IBX app, and I'd like to use
the embedded FB (1.5.3) option. I can't seem to get my app to connect
to the embedded server.

I have stopped the FB service, so it won't just connect using that. I
have copied the embedded files (fbembed.dll, firebird.msg,
firebird.conf and the instclient-generated gds32.dll) as well as the
database, database.fdb, to the same folder as the executable,
according to the instructions in the README.

The connection is Local. I set the DatabaseName property of my
TIBDatabase component to "database.fdb", since it shouldn't need any
further path information.

After all that, IBX tells me only "unavailable database" when I try to
connect. What did I miss?