Subject WIN1252 and Unicode Private Use Area
Author bmckenna6
I have adapted my application to use Unicode controls (Tnt) and the
Unicode Private Use Area (F100 to F8FF, in the E000 to F8FF 2 byte
Block) glyphs I have created for my WIN1252 encoded font.

I had presumed that in order to complete this evolution, I would also
have to change my Firebird Character Set to UNICODE_FSS.

Having been prevented from making this v1.5+ UNICODE_FSS change due to
index size restrictions, I have experimented with using my existing
WIN1252 Firebird Character Set and it seems that my PUA (Private Use
Area) characters are successfully making the round trip through FB

In evaluating why this might work, I am beginning to suspect that the
primary reason for my 2 byte characters returning correctly is due to
my Unicode controls.

Is it reasonable to expect that the employment of WIN1252 in my FB 1.5+
(or greater) will be sufficient to maintain reliable storage of my 2
byte PUA characters. I.E., I presume that Firebird is not going to
change any bytes, and that my use (or not) of reliable Unicode controls
is the only significant issue?