Subject Updating remote DB
Author Sudheer Palaparambil

One of my client is using a firebird based billing application for their
retail outlets. They have around 80 outlets located at various parts of the
country. Now they want to set up a main database at their Head Office and
transfer all the data not summary. There are broadband connections available
at all the outlets but there are chances of internet connectivity going

What I have in mind is to keep a thread for each table to write its
records into small packets and push it to a FTP space. And pull the same
from the server side and populate its tables. Our font-end application is
based on C++ with IBPP library. All outlets are using either embedded
or Superserver (outlets which has more than 1 system) on Windows XP. The
server at Head Office is Xeon Twin processor with 2GB RAM running RHEL 4
firebird Superserver.

Can this be succesfully implimented? Has anybody done a similar work
Is there any other alternative? Please help.

Thank you.

Sudheer Palaparambil.

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