Subject Running two 'birds on the same machine
Author Stefan Heymann
Hi all,

as I see it, there are two general possibilties to have two Firebirds
(say a 1.5.3 and a 2.0.0) on one (Windows) machine:

(1) Install both as a service, run only one of them at a time. To
swap between the two, have a batchfile around that
- shuts down the current service
- calls instsvc to register the other service
- starts the new service
- calls instreg to update the registry for the correct service version.

(2) Install and run both as an application (fbserver -a), configure
them for different TCP ports. Run them simultaneously.

Can anybody confirm that my thinking is correct?

Would it be OK for (2) to use the instreg from the 2.0.0 server and
thus use the 2.0.0 fbclient.dll also for access to the 1.5.x server?

Best Regards


Stefan Heymann