Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: storeproc not executing after restoring database
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>> No, it doesn't. Backup/restore changes ownership of the database,
>> not of the objects inside it.
> Accepted.
>>> I think there is also a tool somewhere that does the necessary behind
>>> the scenes stuff,
>> Yes, there is - created by Thomas Steinmaurer of Upscene Productions.
>>> but running a simple query on RDB$RELATIONS is a
>>> recipe for tears.
>> This is exactly what the tool does.
> If it were 'exactly what the tool does' than anyone who used the said
> tool would end up with the problems reported by the OP. Clearly the
> tool does a bit more than update one field in a single system table
> (although you correctly state that it achieves the ownership change by
> doing exactly what I advised the OP not to do).
> Here is another way to change ownership, much safer if you don't
> understand all the nuances of the Firebird system tables.
> 1. Create a second database with the correct owner.
> 2. Use a data pumping tool (such as IBDataPump) to copy the data to
> the database with the ownership you are happy with.
> Either that or pester Martijn for a copy of the Upscene tool ;)

Or join the Firebird conference on Sunday afternoon. ;-)

Best Regards,
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