Subject storeproc not executing after restoring database
Author mauleen2006
I'm using Firebird 1.5. I am having 2 users, Sysdba and Mauleen.
Mauleen is having all rights on the database tables and storedProc. I
had updated the rdb$elations table and set the owner as mauleen for
each item.
Then i've taken backup of the database as i'm owner of the database
and then restored it back.
Now when i've tried to execute a storedproc. an error occurs as follows:

ISC ERROR CODE:335544352

no permission for execute access to PROCEDURE FLUSHALLTABLE


Before restoring it works fine and all storedproc executes.
After restoring even rdb$relations shows Mauleen as owner for each
item, and mauleen is having all rights for each table and
storedProc(for exec too) but still i'm not able to execute the procedure.

what should be possible reasons or problem with my method?
thank you,