Subject Re: storeproc not executing after restoring database
Author Adam
> No, it doesn't. Backup/restore changes ownership of the database,
> not of the objects inside it.


> > I think there is also a tool somewhere that does the necessary behind
> > the scenes stuff,
> Yes, there is - created by Thomas Steinmaurer of Upscene Productions.
> >but running a simple query on RDB$RELATIONS is a
> > recipe for tears.
> This is exactly what the tool does.

If it were 'exactly what the tool does' than anyone who used the said
tool would end up with the problems reported by the OP. Clearly the
tool does a bit more than update one field in a single system table
(although you correctly state that it achieves the ownership change by
doing exactly what I advised the OP not to do).

Here is another way to change ownership, much safer if you don't
understand all the nuances of the Firebird system tables.

1. Create a second database with the correct owner.
2. Use a data pumping tool (such as IBDataPump) to copy the data to
the database with the ownership you are happy with.

Either that or pester Martijn for a copy of the Upscene tool ;)