Subject Re: storeproc not executing after restoring database
Author Adam
--- In, "Martijn Tonies"
<m.tonies@...> wrote:
> > > I'm using Firebird 1.5. I am having 2 users, Sysdba and Mauleen.
> > > Mauleen is having all rights on the database tables and
storedProc. I
> > > had updated the rdb$elations table and set the owner as mauleen for
> > > each item.
> >
> > Whoa, why are you directly manipulating with the system tables?
> >
> > Use grants to set permissions, nothing else.
> Adam, do you know of any GRANT statement to change table ownership?

No, I but know of backup-restore cycle to achieve that.

I think there is also a tool somewhere that does the necessary behind
the scenes stuff, but running a simple query on RDB$RELATIONS is a
recipe for tears.