Subject Classic or supe rserver?
Author Mitch Peek
Here is the scenario....

I have several middle tiers (5 presently )app servers each maintaining
3 or 4 connections to a single database.

I could host the middle tier apps on 1 or more servers in a DMZ, and
leave the database on its own server, the configuration for which could
be about anything we choose.

I was thinking 1 or two small servers for the middle tier apps, a
separate single machine ( perhaps multiple processors if classic is
used) (1.5.3 BTW). in addition, in house, perhaps as many as 5
additional connections directly to the database ( not through the
middle tiers).

My question, is whether to use super server, or classic in this
scenario? either way, define the hardware for the database server...
and perhaps the firebird.conf settings, in an optimal situation.
Virtually no limits to memory, machine, etc. within reason. i would
like to limit the cost of a new DB server to between 5k-10K US.

The database will be fairly high volume of inserts, and less frequently,
a few nasty queries for reporting ( a few times per day).

I considered a warehouse for reporting, and may eventually move that
direction, but for now, the normalized database serves both purposes.

So we are looking at between 15 and 25 simultaneous connections with
nearly constant activity on inserts/updates, and only occasional
queries. (insert volume around 1000 records per minute, not huge).


Mitchell Peek