Subject Re: connection ! problem - centos 4.3, have tested with all versions of 1.5.3
Author michael_compuser
Sorry I thought that might be the response was ambiguous
as what happened was:
1. RPM'd the NPTL version, tested, then retested but workstation app
didn't work
2. Had no other ideas at all so turned off multithreading in BIOS
then followed advice in release notes under' NTPL problems on higher
Linuxen' so will undo this but that leaves me back at (1) above
which doesn't work

The people who produce the app. logged into the server via 3050 and
go the same problem.

Should the kernel be rebuilt? Could it be the client gds32.dll ?
Is there a way of eliminating any other causes?

Remaining yours truly


> You are not supposed to do *both*. Read again what I wrote -
> succinctly, either use the NPTL build (and go with the new
> model that is the default with that kernel) or *disable* it by the
> environment setting (which then makes the kernel use the old
> threading model). With the NPTL build and old threading you're in
> the same hole as before except this time you are head-down instead
> feet-down! :-)
> >The funny thing is that I can simultaneously connect to each of
> >these 2 databases on the Centos server ( using
> >different GUI programs on the worksation ( -ib_sql to
> >connect to one database and ibaccess for another), with connection
> >info viewable on the server:
> > IPV4 TCP 0u Listening on port gds_db
> >
> >*BUT* when I try to run my workstation's clinical app which
> >a connection to BOTH of the same database, it persistently refuses
> >to connect to a particular one of these databases and the program
> >exits!
> I think you'll find all these anomalies will disappear when you
> eventually have the server engine and the OS using the same
threading model.
> >If you or anyone has any ideas it would be most helpful
> >
> >Rgds
> >very_compused
> Well, I'll leave your reposting of my original message for you to
> read over. Oh, OK, I'll share a tip with you, since you insist!
> you ever buy a 4-thread overlocker, thread it up according to the
> manual the first time you ever use it and then leave it threaded
forever. :-)
> ./hb
> > >