Subject connection ! problem - centos 4.3, have tested with all versions of 1.5.3
Author michael_compuser
Dear group
I am connecting using from a windows XP SP2 workstation which
simultaneously accesses two databases on a centos 4.3 server
(, with the following lines in the .ini file of a
proprietary windows program:



I can connect to, and view, each of these two databases (mIBDB and
mimsIBDB) on the home network here using a firebird gui program, but
when I try to connect using the proprietary program I get the
message 'cannot connect to mimsIBDB' and the app doesn't run. The
anomaly is that I can connect using this same windows application, to
the *same* databases on a remote computer, via port 3050 (this was an
experiment). I think 1.5.1 is running remotely, but I'm not sure how
to determine the version. mIBDB and mimsIBDB were gbak'd and restored
here at home, from the remote location. File and dir permissions here
at home are exactly the same as remotely.

When I try to do the opposite, i.e. connect from the remote location
(windows xp sp2) to the home server via 3050 - you guessed it - the
message is 'cannot connect to mimsIBDB'.

Thirdly, if I configure the workstation to connect to mIBDB locally
and the remote version of mimsIBDB, the app will run.

The company that provides the databases can't figure out why. I don't
want to reinstall the OS but am running out of options.

Could it be something in firebird.conf? Firebird.log does not contain
anything helpful

The relevant entries in windows 'services' and 'hosts' files have been
added for the proprietary program.

I tried installing the nptl version and the SS versions, and currently
have the CS versions but none work. Have tried rpm installs and
some .tar installs.

The kernel is 2.6.9-34.0.2.EL-i686 (am not using the smp kernel)

If there is a simple fix, or something worth trying, would be very
interested. Does anyone have 1.5.1 ?

Michael from a land downunder