Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: aliases and absolute file paths
Author Woody
From: "Adam" <s3057043@...>
> \\server\fbdb\mydb\mydb.fdb
> How does your client application magically figure out the details of
> this share?
> The only possible way your program could work is if it used the C$
> share and which would allow you to conjur up something like:
> \\server\c\data\firebird\databases\mydb\mydb.fdb
> That is a huge assumption.

As Nando stated, there are methods for resolving "most" typical assignments.
I'm not sure that I have all of them accounted for in my code but it works
for most common situations.

> In my experience, administrators are told that the fdb file is off
> limits, and direct file access to the database by backup software,
> antivirus software or alike are a pretty reliable way to corrupt the
> database.
> They are getting a bat file (wrapper around gbak) to make their hot
> backup. Most backup software can be configured to execute a task
> before running, so the fbk file is simply created in the backup path.

I supply my own utilities for administrators to use. The
backup/restore/repair program that I wrote can be used standalone or
installed as a service for scheduled tasks. I generally install it on their
server for the automated backups with the explicit typical instructions of
only backing up the backups with their network backup software.

I'd be happy to send you a copy to test out. :)

Woody (TMW)