Subject RE: [firebird-support] Best component for Delphi
Author Alan McDonald
> That middleware sounds interesting. What do you mean about that?
> Should I create some app which synchronize the main database with
> some local structure, and the main app works with this local DB?

middleware is most often referring to a connection layer which provides
connection pooling and a far superior transport packaging than what the Fb
client can do. ASTA is an example. You do, however sacrifice some
sophistication in buffering since this sort of connection requires less
talkativeness between client and server. e.g. IBO components are quite
talkative but superior in bringing the full power of the server to the
client in terms of responsiveness e.g. search speeds and responsiveness with
But replication can do the same job depending on your needs and latency
requirements. Replication offers scaling enhancement.
Another option for internet delivery is, of course, a website and PHP. The
scaling limits in this setup are almost endless.
I have one client setup where local databases do 2 way replicate to a
webserver and the data is accessed by both desktop applications in (home)
offices and via a full blown web application for a diverse set of access