Subject Re: [firebird-support] Suse Linux 10.1 - Firebird Installation Problem
Author Milan Babuskov
cacoxfirebird wrote:
> I am trying to load Firebird SuperServer 1.5.3 onto a Suse Linux 10.1
> box.

Which kernel?

> With the NPTL Threading Model I did the following:
> Used YaST2 to install the package (FirebirdSS-1.5.3-4870.nptl.i686.rpm)
> A small screen comes up that says "Reading Package Information"
> I then get the following error " Following packages haven't been found
> on the medium: FirebirdSS".
> Any suggestions?

Try skipping the Yast and do a direct install. Open a terminal window as
root user and type:

rpm -i FirebirdSS-1.5.3-4870.nptl.i686.rpm

Even if it fails, it will clearly show the error message, so you'll know
what to fix.

Milan Babuskov