Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.5 disconnect
Author Robert martin

I have further information

The initial error message is

isc 335544726
Error reading data from connection.

Followed by

isc 335544721
Unable to complete request to host "Counter Main"
Error writing data to the connection.
An established connection was aborted by the software on your host system.

On the system reporting the error the Firebird.log file shows

INET/inet_error: send errno = 10053

This is happening at a number of sites (one client). We are pretty sure
it is some sort of network error. However we can't blame cabling,
network cards or computers as it is at multiple sites that all
previously worked fine.

The key here is the installation of a WAN via VPN and a new router (at
each branch). What should we tell the hardware people?

Rob Martin
Software Engineer

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Wild Software Ltd

Robert martin wrote:
> Hi
> A number of our sites are getting intermittent disconnections from FB
> SS. One or more machines comes up with a message, that I currently
> don't know as the client can't remember !
> Looking in the Firebird log file I see errors like below...
> COUNTERMAIN (Client) Wed Sep 20 06:55:40 2006
> INET/inet_error: send errno = 10054
> and
> COUNTERMAIN (Client) Sat Sep 30 07:48:08 2006
> INET/inet_error: connect errno = 10061
> These look like they could be the culprit. The Client has recently
> moved their shops to be connected in a WAN via a VPN (over XDSL). The
> hardware guy says there is nothing obviously wrong with the system. The
> branch as a fixed IP for the machine running FB server. Each branch and
> HO have a static IP.
> FB is being used at each branch locally (each branch has a copy of our
> software that they previously used before the VPN). However every hour
> or so a small other app runs that connects to FB over the VPN and sucks
> out some data. The crashes do not seem to time in with when this app runs.
> I am sorry I cant give the exact error message but I suspect is
> something like 'Connection forcably closed by host', I have asked them
> to note it down for next time. The error seems to occur about once a day.
> Any help would be appreciated :)