Subject Re: connection ! problem - centos 4.3, have tested with all versions of 1.5.3
Author michael_compuser
Thanks for this initial help helen.

ib_sql on the windows workstation allows me to connect to each of
the databases on the (i.p. = server. No problems. I
can browse each database. No error messages and nothing is generated
in the firebird log file when I do this

There is repeated message in the firebird log file which I think
occurred during re-installation. This was due to an installation
issue that I corrected...(I downgraded to 1.5.1 SS which is the same
as the version I have in the office server)
asterisk1.local (Server) Wed Oct 4 21:22:10 2006
INET/INET_connect: gethostbyname failed, error code = 1

I'm not getting any firebird log messages now

Could there be a problem with security.fdb?


> The first one to look at is the one of reading a static connection
> string from an ini file and expecting it to "just work" on any
> network. The IP address is a restricted one that
> work ONLY within a Class C LAN and then only if there is a host
> broadcasting that address within that LAN.
> The overriding problem, from a troubleshooting point of view, is
> you are not reporting any exception messages that one could deduce
> anything about. The one error message you tell us about is
> by your application, not by Firebird or InterBase. Apparently
> application code is merely "eating" all exceptions from the
> server/client interface and blatting them out as "cannot
> connect". No doubt you can understand how unhelpful this is.
> I suggest that you try to repeat your tests using a tool that
> the actual exception messages. The command-line utility isql will
> that, or you could download ib_sql from (To
> output from the Windows command shell window, highlight the text
> your mouse and press Enter. You can then paste it into an email
> other file...)
> You say there is "nothing useful" in the log. Could you post the
> "non-useful" entries that appear after your connection failures?
> you inspect the log in a console window that you opened from your
> Centos GUI, you will be able to copy from it.
> Another thing I can't work out is how you "connect locally" from
> Windows application to a database running on a Linux host. Could
> explain more exactly how you do that, e.g. are you running the
> Windows app in a wine server or other Windows emulator?
> ./heLen