Subject Re: Fill ratio when doing a restore
Author Christian Kaufmann
Dear Ann,

to be honest. I don't really understand your explanation in all details.

> So, if your records compress to less than 9 bytes, you'll have
> more than 50% reserved space.

The data fields of my record are two smallint and two integer fields.
So this is 12 bytes. With your explanation, a fill ratio of 59% is
fine in this case.

But because this table will grow in the future and existing records
will change very rarely, my question remains, if I should restore with
Because I will have a lot of select requests, that will use this table
and for my understanding the more records I have on one page, the less
pages have to be loaded from the harddisk when doing the select.

What can be a problem when I restore with -use_all_space and then add
some data later to this database?

cu Christian