Subject Problem connecting the client with the server
Author diegogandino
Hi.. I have problem when try to connect an aplication to the server.
The server is installed in XP. The firebird versiĆ³n is 2.0 and the
ODBC driver is also the last one

The string connection that I'm using is:

=d:\fgkp\sistemas\sistema de encuestas\codigo\inta.fdb;character
set=ISO8859_1;server type=0;pooling =true;

The error is: [ODBC Firebird Driver]unavailable database

Also I try with this connection string:

The port 3050 on the server is not blocked

I was looking in this forum and others, connection string examples
and I cant figure out why I cant connect clients.

If I execute the aplication in the server machine it works fine.

Best Regards
Diego Gandino
FGKP Software