Subject Access denied!
Author stefanbalzter

I am struggling with an error that a client of mine has reported.
I had asked her to send me her .FDB file so I could check for
corruptions (she uses the default sysdba user and password). When I
sent the file back and she placed it in the proper directory, my
client application was unable to get connected to the database:

SQL Error: I/O error for the file "[Databasename].FDB" Error while
trying to open file Zugriff verweigert
Error codes -902. Unsuccessful execution caused by a system error that
precludes successful execution of subsequent statements.

Now, "Zugriff verweigert" means "access denied". But how could that
be? She works with Windows and has all the rights she needs. The error
happens when she logs in from a workstation, but also when she works
directly on the server. And how can that happen from one moment to the
other? Is it a problem to send a database file back and forth? I had
asked her to rename her old file before she copied the new one into
the data directory, but even re-renaming of the original file doesn't

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.