Subject Introduction & Which is best for me?
Author Mike Steigerwald
Hi, all,I read some netiquette somewhere that suggests posting a brief introduction whenever joining an email list. Here goes ...My name is Mike Steigerwald, and I develop a CAD application for Marvin Windows and Doors in Minnesota, USA. I'm researching ways of replacing its "home-grown" internal DB with SQL. Firebird seems like the perfect fit.My "jumping in" question is, which architecture will fit our requirements? We distribute the app stand-alone. I can't assume my users will have anything on their systems, driver-wise.In house, we have a huge Oracle DB. That's where I get my input. My job is to publish a subset of that data to my users without giving away any proprietary information.From my reading so far, it sounds like I want to use the "embedded" architecture to essentially include Firebird in my app. Does that make sense? Thanks in advance for your feedback!