Subject Re: [firebird-support] gbak with servicemanager and filenames with spaces

>It is bug in GBAK, if you call ServiceAPI directly it will work correctly.

I tried your tool, it works fine. So i will implement it with the Service API.

>It is also bug in GBAK. Currently I have installed FB2 and I did not manage to reproduce it,
>so it seems to be fixed (but I can't say for sure, since the bug happened just sometimes).

On my machine the bug happens always, when gbak is executed from MS-VC or another application with CreateProcess and i give username and password on the command line.
I took a short look at the source of gbak. In burp.cpp is a function api_gbak. There is a loop /* Fill the command line options */. After this loop this line must be added: *spb_ptr = 0;
Otherwise the last byte is not initialized.

Thank you for your help.


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