Subject gbak with servicemanager and filenames with spaces

i have two problems using gbak with service manager:
I want to run gbak from a client application to backup a database.
When the filename (or path) of the database or the backup file contains one or more spaces, it doesn't work.
When i put the filename into quotes, the parameters are send via TCP/IP without quotes, and the servicemanager stops interpreting the filename at the space.
When i escape the Space with a backslash (i.e. "/public/Treesoft\ Office/Data1.fdb"), the firebird server aborts and restarts. The log says: fbserver: terminated abnormally (3221225477). In Linux the entry is: terminated abnormally (-1).

The problem occurs on Windows as well as on Linux servers.
The Version of firebird is is

Second problem occurs when i run gbak from Windows API CreateProcess. There is a obviously uninitialized memory, which is used to pass the parameters to the service manager. Thus gbak adds a special character (ASCII-Hex E0 or D0) to the last filename.

Thanks for any hint


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