Subject Re: Execute Statement eating memory
Author Adam
--- In, "pi3k14" <frode@a...> wrote:
> Hi,
> I have some code like EXECUTE STATEMENT 'EXECUTE PROCEDURE blabla'
> This procedure does a two table join and performs some value checking
> and inserting into a table in a FOR loop.
> The join produces aprox. 9000 records.
> While running this my pagefile grows until available disk space is
> exhausted.
> Anyone have any idea what can be the cause for this?

Not without the queries themselves, but you do need to consider any
triggers you are firing directly with the insert, and indirectly
through the insert triggers etc.

There is a 'bug' in Firebird (or at least non standard behaviour) with
the following statement, so there is another thing to watch.

insert into table1
select * from table1