Subject Re: Component do access Firebird 1.5 in Delphi
Author Adam
--- In, Fabrício Fadel Kammer
<ffkammer@c...> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Actually I'm using the Delphi 6 with IBX to access Firebird 1.0. I'm
> migrating to Firebird 1.5 now.
> Does IBX compatible with FB 1.5?

Yes, and also with 2.0 beta

> Are there a best one solution to access FB databases?

This gets into personal preference. IBX is probably the least
preferred because there is no guarantee by the manufacturer (Borland)
to maintain compatibility, and it is also commercially not sensible
for them to support features not in IB.

> Finally, what's the access component that you use?

Custom built, currently internally serviced using IBX but can be
changed to whatever.