Subject Max. # of records in a table.
Author Michael Vilhelmsen

Earlier today I asked a question about max. # of records in a single
table. According to the docs it can hold 2 to the power of 32.
This is a lot.

But according to the link Martijn posted earlier

This is far from true.

My question is then - Does the calculation on that specific page hold
water ?
I.e. Can I use it to calculate my own "worst case" ?

Assuming a table contains records, that they are not packed in any
way, and every field is filled to the max.
I can then calculate my MAX.recordsize.

Knowing this - I can actually calculate when I hit the limit (as in
worst case senario, sinse every records seldom is fully filled, and
AFAIK the records are stored packed) !

Can anyone confirm any of this !