Subject 'object in use' during restore
Author Bill Meaney
I have a client getting this message on a database restore.

| cannot commit index RDB$FOREIGN325
| unsuccessful metadata update
| object CPTMOD is in use
| action cancelled by trigger (3) to preserve data integrity
| Cannot deactivate primary index
| Exiting before completion due to errors

- This rebuild process first uses gfix -shut to shut down the database so no
users can attach.
- Firebird is restarted.
- The database is backed up with gbak.
- The original fdb is renamed.
- Use gbak -c to recreate the database.

This error message would indicate that the table CPTMod is in use by some
other process. The database has been shut down from other users getting in.
Is there some other reason why this message might appear?

Firebird 1.51 superserver
Windows 2000 Server

Bill Meaney