Subject Re: [firebird-support] unixODBC driver - newbie tearing his hair out!
Author Yves Glodt
Milan Babuskov wrote:
> Nick Critten wrote:
>>> Why not use the native interbase functions of PHP ?
>> Long Story, but Recompiling PHP on this box is more trouble than its
>> worth.
> You don't have to recompile PHP, you can simply compile the needed
> file and add it to your "extensions" directory. You can
> even do the compilation on another computer.

I can confirm it's easy, I did the same for Red Hat 9.

Just download or install the sources of the RH php package, configure &&
make, find the file in the ext/interbase directory and copy
it over to the right place and include it in php.ini

>> There don't seem to be any PHP RPMs with Interbase support compiled in
>> for Fedora Core 4 so that leaves me with the ODBC route.
>> Plus the Database I need to connect to is likely to change to Oracle or
>> MS-SQL in the near future, and I'd rather write the code so it'll work
>> with them all. If and when it happens.
> You should use ADOdb or ezSQL then. Those are wrappers around native
> interfaces, so you can switch between DBMSes easily.
> I suggest you join firebird-php group if you wish to get more info about
> all this.