Subject unixODBC driver - newbie tearing his hair out!
Author nickcritten
Help please! for the sake of my sanity!

I am trying to get the firebird unixODBC driver working, but it is
just not playing ball.

Fedora Core 4
Firebird 1.0.3 installed ok and service is running

I have now installed OdbcJdbc_1.2.0.69
Installation went fine.
Created entry [ibsql] in odbc.ini file for the DB connection.

But when I run
isql -v ibsql

I get:
[root@Sherlock FirebirdODBC]# isql -v ibsql
[08004][unixODBC]Unable to connect to data source: library ''
failed to load
[ISQL]ERROR: Could not SQLConnect

I have now spent two days googling and playing around with this to try
and get it working to no avail... All the fixes I can find for this
assume that the symlinks for do not exist, but they do exist
on my system.

I am seriously getting to the point of throwing something out of the
window... Can anyone help please?

Many Thanks

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