Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB-1.5.2 slow performance and high memory usage after insert and delete 30M
Author Aage Johansen
intellekta wrote:
> Adam,
> sorry my description "inserted and deleted" is not correct.
> i try a new description what happend.
> i start the sp with ibexpert and cannot stop it, so i kill the
> ibexpert process on the client.
> after reconnecting to the database i found no new records in the table
> but i see a over 30M.
> i think the correct description is records are inserted but never
> committed or rollbacked.
> Uwe

Those records are "rollback'ed", and the remains will be garbage collected
whenever they are referenced.
Running a sweep (as a single user) in a quiet period is a good way to
complete the garbage collection. If you have low-selectivity indexes on
the table you can expect this to take a looooong time.
You can also force garbage collection by reading from the table (if no
other transaction is still "interested" in the data). Again,
low-selectivity indexes is a problem. You could possibly do the garbage
collecting piecemeal: select small portions of the "lost" records at a
time. This could make the pain less, but it will last longer.

Gbak being slow is telling you it is doing garbage collecting.
You could do a gbak without garbage collection, and then restore.

Aage J.