Subject FB-1.5.2 slow performance and high memory usage after insert and delete 30M Recs
Author intellekta
we have inserted and deleted ~ 30.000.000 records in a table.(buggy sp).
after that the client performance slows down to 1/10 and the memory
usage in fbserver goes from ~200KB to ~800KB.
sweep does not change this situation.
the database filesize goes from ~14GB to ~22GB
the backup filessize after sweep is a little bit bigger as it was in
the past.
backup takes ~5 times longer as before.
any suggestions to resolve this, except complete restore from a backup?
Thanks in advance
Uwe Cramer
additional conf infos:
OS = W2K SP4
HW = HP DL380 / 2GB / 2xXeon 3.0GHz
FB = SS Mode
firebird.conf without any change / all options with # comment