Subject Re: [firebird-support] Problems installing FB 1.5
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Fabrício,

> My software run on customers with many different configurations:
> -stand alone computer, where I have the server and client of
> firebird running with my software in one computer;
> -very small networks: where I've a not dedicate server with one or
> two clients and my software is used in all computers;
> -small networks: with dedicated linux server and in the maximum 20
> clients.
> I think that the classic version is better for me... Am I missed?
> The super server will work better on this configurations?

In many situations, the difference in resource consumption will be too
small to worry about. As the number of simultaneous connections grows,
Superserver becomes more and more efficient compared with Classic. But
Classic has multiprocessor support. This may be a good reason to go
for Classic; just make sure you install 1.5.1 or higher - "plain" 1.5
Classic is not 100% mature in all respects, especially on Windows.

There's a comparison table in the Quick Start Guide:

and go to the "Classic or Superserver" section)

But if you want to be absolutely sure, you have to run tests with both
Classic and Super, on the configuration(s) your software will run on.

Paul Vinkenoog

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