Subject RES: [firebird-support] Problems installing FB 1.5
Author Fabrício Fadel Kammer
Thanks Paul,

It was this, I installed the classic server.

I'm not sure, but I understand that the classic server is the good one
to run on small networks and stand alone computers.

My software run on customers with many different configurations:
-stand alone computer, where I have the server and client of firebird
running with my software in one computer;
-very small networks: where I've a not dedicate server with one or two
clients and my software is used in all computers;
-small networks: with dedicated linux server and in the maximum 20

I think that the classic version is better for me... Am I missed? The
super server will work better on this configurations?

Thank you!


Fabrício F. Kammer

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Hello Fabrício,

> I try to install the FB 1.5 today on my W2K workstation system and
> I'm with a problem: when I try to connect to the DB I receive the
> follow message: "unavailable resource". If I uninstall the 1.5
> version and I install the 1.0 version all works fine.

> I'm trying to access the database as a local machine and using TCP
> connection, like this: d:\database.gdb...

> I just can access the database if I use the follow syntax:
> localhost:c:\database.gdb... as I'm accessing the database via a
> network.

This sounds like you've chosen Classic Server when installing 1.5.
With Classic/Windows you *must* specify a hostname - even if it's
"only" localhost.

Firebird 1.0 for Windows is Superserver-only. Please install 1.5 again
and choose Superserver. Then you should be able to connect with just a
path. If you prefer Classic, you'll have to live with providing the
hostname every time (at least on Win).

Paul Vinkenoog

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