Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird performance on Dual Core machine
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
>>>I have one occasion, namely my development machine (Windows XP Prof.
>>>SP2), where I can't get Classic work either. I've tried nearly
>>>everything (incl. disabling any firewalls ...) without luck. One thing I
>>>haven't tried yet is re-installing the entire machine, which won't
>>>happen. ;-)
>>>At connect time, I'm seeing with TCPView for a short time (~1 second)
>>>one additional fb_inet_server.exe process and then the process
>>>disappears. I get one entry in the firebird.log file after that, namely:
>>>TOMSTONE Wed Jan 04 00:39:21 2006
>>> INET/inet_error: select in packet_receive errno = 10038
>>I recall when XP SP2 came out, there was some RAS bug that disabled the
>>entire range of localhost IP addresses except, i.e. it wouldn't
>>step up the final field of the address on successive localhost connections.
>>There's a hotfix for it. See
> Tried that. It doesn't help. Thanks for the suggestion.

Google is your best friend. I've found a thread where a similar problem
has been discussed (I googled several times, but never came across this
one). The solution pointed to an application called "WinSock XP Fix".

I'm sure I run an adaware removal tool or uninstalled/reinstalled my
local firewall (zonealarm pro) in the past. Running the "WinSock XP Fix"
application helped.

I'm able to connect to the Classic Server now again.