Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB performance
Author Steffen Heil

> Every client updates one record in that table every 1-2 minutes and from
time to time selects a set of data with ca 30 000 records. It run extremely

Do you keep the transaction open?
It is important to hard commit.
If you have a lot of clients keeping transactions open, server performance
will be extremly bad.

Have short living transactions.
30 concurrent should not be any problem, nor should 10 million records.
That isolation level do you use?

> - select count(*) from table takes several minutes(!) /tested
> both in ibexpert and application/

That's the worst thing you can do with MGA.
Simply don't. If really nessessary use work-arounds, but try to get
completely rid of that.
In MGA the is simply no sensfull notion of "count(*)".

Show some other queries that are really slow.


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