Subject Re: [firebird-support] RE: Reached end of file error - Interbase 5.6
Author Gary Benade
>>Please forgive if this was asked before. I have searched google and
>>ibphoenix so far
>>but I don't really get a answer on this.
>>We are running Interbase 5.6
>>Database size : 1.5 gb
>>Network protocol : Tcp/IP
>>Max users : 15
>>We have a database that has started giving funny reached end of file
>>errors. We first thought it might be
>>related to named pipe's protocol, but this is not used on the network.
> What are you actually doing when you get an End of File error? Trying to
> restore a database? The only InterBase error that I know of that has the
> words "end of file" in the message is isc code 336330802
> gbak_unexp_eof "Unexpected end of file on backup file".

A quick scan of the interbase.msg file shows a couple of errors related to
'end of file' that are not related to backups, so getting this message
during normal database use is possible and probably related to a hardware
failure of some sort. Google says that this can happen when a sector
containing critical structures is damaged. My advice is to replace your
drive asap, or switch to a RAID volume. It could of course also be related
to a controller board failure, or corrupted drivers/OS. You were very lucky
to be able to recover the database without data loss.