Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Basic tests shows very poor performance
Author grostoon
Ok, Federico. I did not use MySQL 4 or > because the redhat 9 I'm using for this test
has mysql 3.23 installed and I felt it was sufficient for this purpose. My goal is not to use
postgres, mysql or anything else. I made my decision : it will be FB for all it's advantages I described above in a reply to Ann W. Harrisson.
But I'm quite novice to FB and I was quite surprised by the response time when I did this stupid test, that's all.


Federico Tello Gentile <fgentile@...> wrote:
grostoon wrote:
> Come on boy, it's a typo of course, it's mysql 3.23, not 2.23 !
> Do you think I'm that stupid ?

I knew it was 3.23, 2.23 is not something I think can be downloaded
anymore. But why not use mysql 4.something? Or even test the new 5.0 RC
that is there to test?
I think that even if you find MySQL 3.23 twice as fast as the other
options, the lack of features would make you doubt using it.


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