Subject Re: [firebird-support] What version of Windows does Firebird run on?
Author Richard Mace
>>dancooperstock wrote:
>>>I'm considering converting a free app I wrote, used by churches and
>>>charities, to use Firebird. However, unfortunately small churches and
>>>charities often have very old computers, so that some of my users are
>>>probably still on Windows 95.
>>>Does Firebird run on all versions of Windows?

You may also want to think about running Firebird on a Linux server.
Most of the popular distros have Firebird in their "archives" making it
in many cases incredibly easy to install and set up.

For example, I have a 300 mhz machine, which is just running debian. To
install firebird was just a single command (apt-get install
firebird-super-server) and then answer a single question of what the
master password would be.
That's it.