Subject Re: [firebird-support] Is Firebird Rock Solid?
Author Dennis McFall
ian.billups@... wrote:

>>I am the developer of a free program with over 2,000 users, currently
>>using Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere for its database. For various
>>reasons, I'm considering switching to Firebird.
There are no doubt thousands of stories like ours, but I'll throw in my
two cents anyway:

Our users have processed about 250,000 fairly complex transactions
(look up customers and inventory, schedule shipping, track payments,
facilities, etc. etc. ) over the past three years using Firebird, and
there has not been a single instance of a lost or corrupted record due
to any fault or behavior of Firebird (nor, in our case, even due to
hardware failure). Our application has over 100 tables. We use
IBObjects for d/b connectivity. Some customers run Firebird on Windows
2000/2003; Others follow our recommendation and run it on Linux.

Dennis McFall